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In 1997, Ankur drawing classes was established with only 3 students taking coaching in the classes. Then after a meanwhile due to the teaching skills and quality it created a large mod and the classes flourished in full swing. Due to the extra curricular activities like craft, Origami, group Proects the name of the class began to take roots in the hearts of Dombivalikars. The specialized Coaching for Government exams like elementary and Intermediate was provided in the class giving the students a new ray of hopw to create a carreer in the field of drawing. Many students passed this exams with excellent grades and this grades proved to be a boon for the upcoming future of the students.

Slowly and gradually the vidyapeeth exams of Navhind Dyanpeeth, Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Chitraleela Niketan-Pune, Balchitrakala exams were conducted in the class. This exams game a chance to the students to exhibit their artistic minds. Many students in this exams stood in the merit list and the rankers list of the state.

Then this ankur drawing classes turnedinto an government registered Ankur art Education Society in 2006. Due to this achievement this institution got a chance to participate in the drawing exams and competitions at a national and international level. Students of ankur participated by young invoys international Hyderabad 'shankha' Drawing competition (Chandernagore) west Bengal. Was also one of the competition were this students participated lalit kalaParishad Vishakapatham recognized by Lalit KalaParishad- Delhi was also one of the scopes were students got to exhibit their talents internationally . The young population of Kendra achieved a great success nationally and Internationally by winning a number of gold amd silver medals. Ankur art education society was awarded by the best maximum entry gold medal in west Bengal. This achievement took a toll in the swing of the Kendra and the drawing entries of some students were selected to go beyond seven oceans that isin KANAGAON Festivle- Japan.

Animation flip art basic course was started in ankur by a collaboration with Thumbnail animation studios – Pune toon-boon Incorporate Canada and educational partner Rahul commerce Pune Many students appeared for the course and passed the course with a tile of Expert in flip Art . A specialized and skilled coaching for C.E.T entrance exams for various famous drawing colleges in Maharashtra is given by the skilled teacher of Ankur classes. Handwriting course was started in the Kendra enhancing the students to excel in the art of 'good Handwriting' . Adarsh playgroup and nursery was started in ankur classes this Society emerged out to be a huge society after its accomplishment of a pre- Primary and Primary school name Ajantha Valley English School at Soyegaon dis. Aurangabad.

Due to the Government registration of the Kendra the students were allowed to enroll in the government grade exams privately through the Kendra From 2005 onwards every year a study tour is organized by ankur at various places, where students not only enjoy but also study the different aspects of art and drawing like this the ankur institution has made it a name not only in dombivli but also nationally till data 2000 students have taken the coaching from this Kendra many projects are yet tobe completed in the future which may take this Kendra at a higher level.

Congratulation, as you made the right choice for your child's future by involving them with Adarsh playgroup and nursery. we just not give education to your child, but trying to aware them with our culture, Prayers, our festivals, our nation's history, our freedom fighters, our national festivals etc. by means of stories, so, they automatically generate learning power very quickly. Sports, reading habits are equally required during education, we conduct at our nursery for physical development of child. In our journey of last seven years, we can proudly say, our children doing well in higher schools, & we wish them for higher education and become a successful person. What else you expect & want to see your child ? Everybody has limitations / capacity, don't try to overload them, let them enjoy.

As you all are aware about Adarsh, our style of giving education is different, we just do things differently. Your child should grow with knowing about our culture, our festivals, our nation, our freedom fighters, our prayers/sholkas & automatically child gets learning power. We celebrate all our Indian festivals at Adarsh like Ganpati, deepavali, Holi, for better understanding of reason behind celebrating these festival in our country. We give books to them to understand alphabets, toys of animals to grab quickly. We arrange nursery picnic once in a year for better development of child. We have very good experience of it. We have Annual day celebration of our school, in which it is compulsory for all children to participate, our staff building confidence in to them & our experience says, children enjoying their own.We held drawing competition & fancy dress competition as well.

We are very happy, when we see our children doing very good in higher schools, not only in exams but well in sports & cultural activities. We received written notes from many parents stating that how Adarsh is different from other nurseries around area. We felt proud, when we see our children from Adarsh taking keen interest in Ganpati utsov / Independence day.


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Ankur Kalasanskar Kendra
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Ankur Kalasanskar Kendra And Animation Centre

'Om Ganesh Pooja' C.H.S., Nr. Subhash Dairy, Gandhi Nagar, Dombivli (E). pin no.:421201

Contact No 98921 48583

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  • "Suhas Rawool"

    Notepad is a basic text-editing program and it's most commonly used to view or edit text files.

  • "Suhas Rawool"

    Notepad is a basic text-editing program and it's most commonly used to view or edit text files.

  • "Suhas Rawool"

    Notepad is a basic text-editing program and it's most commonly used to view or edit text files.